INSN – Introduction

The main goal of the Irish National Seismic Network (INSN) operation is to detect and locate earthquakes in and near Ireland.

Yes, we do observe earthquakes in Ireland! The circular markers on the map show the earthquakes that we detected in and around Ireland since 1980. The INSN also detects large earthquakes that happen anywhere around the world. Measurements from our stations contribute to the global research into these earthquakes.

The INSN currently comprises six permanent seismic stations, see the black triangles on the map. Measurements of ground vibration are transmitted from these stations via the internet to our data centre in Dublin for automatic and manual processing. Details about detected seismic events can be accessed via the main menu above. The section ‘Recent Earthquakes‘ relates to detected earthquakes and section ‘Recent Seismic Events‘ lists also other event types, for example quarry blasts.

Past Seismograms
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Live Seismograms
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DSB - Dublin
VAL - Kerry

Past Spectrograms
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Live Spectrograms
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IWEX - Wexford
IDGL - Donegal