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2024-04-21, M5.3, Iceland

On April 21st, 2024, at 06:37:22 UTC, an earthquake measuring M5.3 struck central Iceland, at a depth of 10 km (refer to the map below for the location). The earthquake occurred near the Bárðarbunga stratovolcano, about 200km east of the capital Reykjavik. This was the largest earthquake to occur in this region of Iceland since 2015. Overall seismic activity at the volcano has been increasing since February 2024, and this earthquake could mark the beginning of a new phase of unrest at the volcano. The previous eruption of the Bárðarbunga volcano began in August 2014 and ended in February 2015.

The event was recorded by seismic stations operated by DIAS in the Irish National Seismic Network (INSN), see figure below.

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