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2024-05-02, M1.1, Donegal

At 19:48:19 UTC on the 2nd May 2024 an M1.1 earthquake occurred near Ballybofey in northern Co. Donegal, Ireland (see green circle on map below). The event occurred at a depth of about 13km.

The event was recorded and located by the Irish National Seismic Network (INSN) and can be seen in the waveforms plotted below. Station ‘DGL2’ in western Donegal commenced operation on 18th April 2024.

As of the 9th of May 2024, the INSN has received 26 felt reports of this earthquake from members of the public, with the vast majority of the testimonies stating that the earthquake produced a loud rumbling noise, somewhat similar to thunder. The map below shows the locations and felt intensities of these reports.

If you have felt or heard this earthquake, please fill in this form at https://www.insn.ie/you-felt-a-seismic-event/questionnaire/

The event was also recorded on a Quake Shake seismometer in St. Columbas Secondary School in Stranolar Co.Donegal, see seismogram below. Quake Shake is a citizen seismology programme ran by DIAS and co-funded by Geological Survey Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) where professional grade seismometers called Raspberry Shakes are used to record and visualize local and global earthquakes. You can find more information about the programme at https://quakeshake.ie

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