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Data Access

The INSN network code is “EI” and station data can be downloaded via FDSN web services at GFZ FDSNWS  and IRIS FDSNWS.  The most convenient way of downloading, pre-processing and plotting data is provided by the IRIS Timeseries Web Service, see example below.  Please cite any INSN data usage with doi 10.7914/SN/EI.

Plotting and downloading small amounts of data:

To plot for example a seismogram of the magnitude 2.6 earthquake detected at INSN station IDGL on the 31st March 2021 in the Rockall Trough follow this link: http://service.iris.edu/irisws/timeseries/1/query?net=EI&sta=IDGL&cha=HHZ&start=2021-03-31T02:47:08&end=2021-03-31T02:50:08&bp=4-20&format=plot&loc=–

You can control the shown data by changing the station name, date or time directly in the address line of your web browser.

To download data simply change in the link above “format=plot” to “format=miniseed” or “format=sac.zip”. However, the IRIS Timeseries Web Service only supports data downloads for time periods less than one month. For larger time periods the IRIS FDSN Web Service can be used, see next section.

Downloading larger amounts of data:

A convenient interface for larger data downloads is the IRIS FDSN Web Service which can be accessed at http://service.iris.edu/fdsnws/dataselect/docs/1/builder

Example to download 3 months of data for INSN station IGLA:

  • for Network enter EI
  • for Station enter IGLA
  • for Channel enter HHZ
  • Select a Start and End Time (eg. 2022-01-01T00:00:00 and 2022-03-31T00:00:00)
  • select your preferred data format
  • Start the data download by clicking the link that appears below, for this example: http://service.iris.edu/fdsnws/dataselect/1/query?net=EI&sta=IGLA&cha=HHZ&starttime=2022-01-01T00:00:00&endtime=2022-03-31T00:00:00&format=miniseed&nodata=404

Download of larger time spans takes considerable time. The download of three months of “HHZ” data, ie vertical channel data sampled with 100Hz, typically takes about 30 minutes.

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