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The INSN network code is “EI” and station data can be downloaded via FDSN web services at GFZ FDSNWS  and IRIS FDSNWS, see www.insn.ie/data-access for more details. Please cite any INSN data usage with doi 10.7914/SN/EI.

Data Availability: INSN Seedlink Monitor:
Station Latencies
Data Feed Diff.
 EI DSB   4.0 s   1.0 s   3.0 s 
 EI IDGL   3.0 s   0.0 s   3.0 s 
 EI IGLA   15.0 s   12.0 s   3.0 s 
 EI ILTH   12.0 s   9.0 s   3.0 s 
 EI IMAY   11.0 s   8.0 s   3.0 s 
 EI IWEX   19.0 s   16.0 s   3.0 s 
 EI VAL   19.0 s   16.0 s   3.0 s 

Current seismic noise levels:

Past Seismograms
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Live Seismograms
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DSB - Dublin
VAL - Kerry

Past Spectrograms
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Live Spectrograms
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IWEX - Wexford
IDGL - Donegal