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Educational and useful links

Irish National Seismic Network

Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Geophysics Section

Website with free to download programs
Seismic Eruption: Shows map of work with event locations accumulating from 1960 to present.
Seismic Waves: Shows map of world with location of selected significant events. Click on event and 2nd window opens up showing wave paths through the earth.

Website with interactive map showing realtime location of world earthquakes.

Website with variety of earthquake related learning and teaching resources free to download

Homepage for IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) Seismographs in Schools programme.

Website with Earthquake animation (seismic waves). Visualisation of earthquake waves travelling both through  Earth’s interior and radiating outwards on the surface.

Past Seismograms
follow this link

Live Seismograms
All stations here
Filtered versions here
DSB - Dublin
VAL - Kerry

Past Spectrograms
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Live Spectrograms
All stations here
IWEX - Wexford
IDGL - Donegal