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Link to full INSN seedlink monitor: https://osas.dias.ie/misc/slmon/index.html

Battery voltage of INSN stations with Centaur:

Latency: Difference of current time and latest available data for stream in SDS archive.

Timing Quality:

Below we display the centaur SOH channels related to timing for individual stations. These data are streamed via seedlink as the the following channels.

  1. GNS: Number of satellites observed. Gaps are filled with a -1 value.
  2. GST: GPS status.
    • 0 = Off.
    • 1 = Unlocked.
    • 2 = Locked.
    • -1 = Fill Value
  3. LCE: Absolute clock phase error in microseconds. This is the difference between the digitizer clock and the GPS receiver. When GPS value is off or unlocked, as indicated by GST, the LCE value will be 0. The fill value is also 0.
  4. LCQ: Clock quality. A heuristic time quality value that can be defined as follows:
    • 100% means that the system locked to GPS with time error < 5 microseconds.
    • 90% signifies an estimated time error of <100 microseconds (GPS duty cycling, or coarse locked).
    • 70% signifies an estimated time error of <200 microseconds (GPS coarse locked or system free running).
    • <70% decrements from 70% by 1% for each hour free running.
    • 0% means that the system has never locked or been free running for more than 70 hours.
    • Gaps are filled with a -10 value.