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Reporting a seismic event is important as it helps us, at DIAS Geophysics, to collect critical information regarding the felt extent of seismic events. In the case of an earthquake we can get an instant description of what people experienced which contributes to the scientific body of information about the earthquake.

* What date and time was the seismic event?

* Contact Details. Phone number or email address

At the time of the observations, where were you? (Address and Eircode if known):

What did you feel?

What did you hear?

What did others nearby feel or hear?

Were you indoors or outside?

Were you sitting, standing, lying down, sleeping, active, listening to radio, watching television etc.?

Were you alarmed or frightened?

Was anybody nearby alarmed or frightened?

Did windows or doors rattle? Please give details

Did anything else rattle? Please give details

Did any hanging object swing? Please give details

Did anything fall? Please give details

Was there any damage? Please give details

Have you any other observations or further details to add?

May we contact you? Please give phone number, email address

* Required answer

Anti Spam: What is the current year?

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